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Gradients et motifs : les motifs

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg SYSTEM "svg-19991203.dtd" >

<svg width="600px" height="500px" >

     <pattern id="mypattern" x="0" y="0" width="30" height="30">
       <rect width="30" height="30" style="fill:yellow" />
       <path style="fill:none;stroke:blue" d="M0,0 L 30,30 M0,30 L 30,0" />

  <g style="text-rendering:optimizeLegibility" >
    <text x="5" y="20" style="font-size:22">SVG Demo: Filling and stroking with a custom pattern</text>

  <g style="stroke:none; shape-rendering:default" >
    <ellipse cx="150" cy="150" rx="100" ry="100" style="fill:url(#mypattern)" />
    <rect x="300" y="50" width="150" height="150" style="fill:url(#mypattern)" />
    <ellipse cx="250" cy="350" rx="200" ry="75" style="stroke:url(#mypattern);fill:none;stroke-width:20" />


Didier Courtaud
Le langage SVG
25 Janvier 2000

57 / 74

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